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Children's Books
Upcoming Children's Books
 Johnny loves going to the library with his mommy. He can do so many fun things! But one day, Johnny got lost, and he didn't know where his mommy was. Thankfully, Mommy had taught him how to find a safe place in an emergency. This essential book on basic safety needs to be in the hands of every child. Johnny Loves the Library teaches children what to do when separated from a parent or adult. It also helps spark a love of books and interest in libraries and their benefits.
cover for my zoo book_edited.jpg
A Walk Through The Zoo took Melinda all over the United States while being written and illustrated. The outcome is a crucial page-turner that provides a fun way to learn about zoo animals and all the fun things you can do while at the zoo. 
Story About RT
Melinda Priebe has teamed up with her Aunt Joanna Starner to tell a true story about a cotton picker named RT. He worked hard in the plantation cotton fields, but RT dreamed of doing more. This book will show what RT did on the plantation. It also shows what he did in what little spare time he had after picking cotton. 
Starting back in his childhood and throughout his adult life, people called RT a fool. Thankfully RT would think things through and take the drive of faith to see his dreams come true.
We hope to have RT's story ready for publication by March 20th 2023
Aunt Joanna Illustor of RT's book[1891].jpg

This is Aunt Joanna. She is doing the art work for the story about RT. You can see some of those illustrations. 

RT playing harmonica use this one.jpg
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