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I am also an artist and jewelry maker. I have some of my jewelry that I made and one of my books for sale at a very nice shop called Practically Perfect. It is located in South Bend Indiana inside Town and Country shop area.

The jewelry I have was a part of what was left from when I had it at the Hidden Gems in New Buffalo Michigan. I started out with over 100 handmade necklaces.

I pulled the last of them right before Covid-19 hit, because I had planned on adding them to a book signing table. Covid-19 changed those plans.

I hope to make more jewelry and also have a book signing sometime in the fall. By then the books I am redoing now will be ready. I will also have more pendants that will match the art in my WALK THROUGH THE ZOO book.

I plan on working my old novel and am working on another children's story. I hope to have both of them done within the next few months.

  • Melinda Priebe

My video in my latest post talked about gears and how the wrong thing can cause gears to freeze up or fall apart. Clocks have them too. Those gears operate what we use to help us organize our lives. They wake us up on time and navigate our schedule during the day and help us see when it is bedtime.

Each of us has internal time clocks. One clock harbors the past hurts, and it can form something deep inside us that ticks inside and affects our future. Then there is the Truth Clock. This clock came about when I received inner healing. The words inside the Truth Clock are the things that I received healing from when I painted it. I could now add more positive truths to the clock.

I still struggle some with the Lie Clock, but the Truth Clock always outshines the lies.

Do you ever struggle with lies? What have you overcome? What truth replaced those lies?

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  • Melinda Priebe

Updated: Mar 7

The cold biting wind blasted my cheeks as I opened the door of my work. I looked out in front of me and saw nothing except white waves of blowing snow. I could hear the sound of spinning tires as others leaving the store were attempting to go home. I could barely see the cars. Thankfully it was near closing time, and the parking lot was not very crowded. I said a prayer for the others leaving the lot and said a prayer for myself as I walked in ankle-high snow. Once to my car, I started the car and began to scrape the windows.

The snow glistened in front of me like diamonds, but it was not time to enjoy my surroundings. I had to get home before the snow storm covered the car again.

My tires spun, and I rocked the car to free the tires from the snowdrifts carefully and began driving home. My heart began to jackhammer after I discovered the snowplows were not out yet. Thankfully the light to exit the parking lot was red. This red light gave me a chance to take a deep breath and enter the unplowed road with a little more peace. I just knew I would get home. However, it wasn't easy to maintain that peace because the wind blew the white ripples of snow and enveloped my car, causing a road I have used to get to and from work for 21 years to become unfamiliar territory. I could hardly see my headlights, road lights, and signs. I also could not even see the lanes of traffic. It took almost an hour to travel on what would generally be a 20-minute road trip.

Writing my blog and designing my new website reminds me of driving at night in a snowstorm. I have a lot of information and the ambition to fulfill my goals, but the lack of knowledge and fear blows bitterly cold lies at my face and makes it hard to see in front of me. I could give up, but I will continue to drive. But I can make the whole trip. It just took me seeing what needs done and then going all the way home.

Do you have any writing or building a blog or website stores to share? I'm looking forward to hearing from you?

The photo of this blog was taken by Neil Provo and has been used with permission.

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