Trapped Inside

It has been a long time waiting, but Melinda Priebe has finally teamed up again with Crystal to redo this amazing novel. The old one needed a lot of work. In spite of of the areas needing worked, the old version positively changed a lot of lives. It also was also a good read. Melinda and Crystal can only imagine the impact the new version will make. They hope to have the new version ready by May 2022.


Upcoming children's stories.

Melinda Priebe has teamed up with her Aunt Joanna Starner to put together a true story about a cotton picker named RT.  He worked hard in those cotton fields, but he dreamed of doing something more. This book will show what he encountered, the fun he had between working at the plantation. back in his childhood and throughout nhis adult life,  People called RT a fool. Thankfully RT would think things through and take the drive  of faith to see his dreams come true.

We hope to have RT's story ready for publication by October 2021. 

RT Fishing with a friend  wmx .jpg