• Melinda Priebe

Making Progress

I am also an artist and jewelry maker. I have some of my jewelry that I made and one of my books for sale at a very nice shop called Practically Perfect. It is located in South Bend Indiana inside Town and Country shop area.

The jewelry I have was a part of what was left from when I had it at the Hidden Gems in New Buffalo Michigan. I started out with over 100 handmade necklaces.

I pulled the last of them right before Covid-19 hit, because I had planned on adding them to a book signing table. Covid-19 changed those plans.

I hope to make more jewelry and also have a book signing sometime in the fall. By then the books I am redoing now will be ready. I will also have more pendants that will match the art in my WALK THROUGH THE ZOO book.

I plan on working my old novel and am working on another children's story. I hope to have both of them done within the next few months.

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