• Melinda Priebe

Have you ever heard of a Truth Clock?

My video in my latest post talked about gears and how the wrong thing can cause gears to freeze up or fall apart. Clocks have them too. Those gears operate what we use to help us organize our lives. They wake us up on time and navigate our schedule during the day and help us see when it is bedtime.

Each of us has internal time clocks. One clock harbors the past hurts, and it can form something deep inside us that ticks inside and affects our future. Then there is the Truth Clock. This clock came about when I received inner healing. The words inside the Truth Clock are the things that I received healing from when I painted it. I could now add more positive truths to the clock.

I still struggle some with the Lie Clock, but the Truth Clock always outshines the lies.

Do you ever struggle with lies? What have you overcome? What truth replaced those lies?

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