How exciting!


Melinda's books are taking root and growing even in the fall.

Melinda is excited to announce that her zoo book, A Walk Through The Zoo, Johnny Loves The Library, and The Dreamer That Could, will be finished and edited by the end of December 2022.

Melinda has incorporated some of the illustrations on the cover of this zoo book. They are just a sample of what excellent work you will see inside the book.

Check out her children's book page for more detail. 

After her children's books are finished, Melinda's next book will be her memoir. it is her goal to have it completed before March 2023. People loved her original memoir and wanted to have more detail placed in it. So the revised memoir will have many exciting details well worth reading. 

Johnny's Loves The Library Reading a book.jpg

The above is one of the illustrations Melinda Sue Priebe illustrated. It is inside her children's book called Johnny Loves The library.