Melinda Priebe's Short Memoir and Studio 


My Inner Studio


Melinda invites you to glimpse into the area of her mind where her art and writing talent originates.  Once inside, you will briefly read about Melinda’s struggles in life and what it felt like to walk towards restoring her art and writing ability after those abilities disappeared. God will use My Inner Studio to bless and encourage many people. By giving them faith and hope to move forward in their journey towards emotional healing physical restoration, and adapting to those things that couldn't be changed.


johnnys Safe Place front New.jpg
 Johnny's Safe Place


Johnny loved going to the library with his mommy. He could see and do so many fun things! But one day, Johnny got lost, and he didn't know where his mommy was. Thankfully, she had taught him how to find a safe place to go in an emergency.

Every parent should share this important book on basic safety with their children as soon as they can understand it. Johnny's Safe Place teaches children what to do if they are ever separated from their parents or the adults they are with.





A Walk Through The Zoo
        with fun animal facts


Hi kids! My name is Melinda. I wrote and illustrated this book. I love animals so much that I travel to zoos all over the country to see them. You can do this, too, either in person or by asking a grown-up to help you look online.

This book includes illustrations of animals from zoos in Indiana and Illinois. So join me on my walk through the zoo.

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed creating it.

                                                 -Melinda Priebe