Adult Novels and a Memoir

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  Trapped Inside

It has been a long time waiting, but Melinda Priebe has finally teamed up again with Crystal to redo this amazing novel. The old one needed a lot of work. In spite of the areas needing worked, the old version positively changed a lot of lives. It also was also a good read. Melinda and Crystal can only imagine the impact the new version will make. They hope to have the new version ready by May 2022.



     My Inner Studio

Melinda will be making MY INNER STUDIO longer. Many authors, readers, and editors have suggested making it longer. They tell Melinda that the book is very inspiring, captivating, and is well-written, but what she wrote is just an appetizer, and they know that Melinda has a lot more to offer. They are correct, and she hopes to have the more extended version available sometime the first of next year. She will keep you updated.